Kings Park West Community Association


Upcoming Community Association Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for 7:30 pm on

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017

  • Wednesday, July 12, 2017 

  • Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The meetings are held in the CSS Program Multi-Purpose Room at Laurel Ridge Elementary School.  All are welcome to attend.  Please note that the July and August meetings will not be held at Laurel Ridge.  Locations will be posted on this site.

All members of the Community Association are encouraged to join the Kings Park West Civic Association; their membership drive is in February and March, but you can join any time (see KPW Civic Association web page). The Civic Association funds and organizes many important community services, including the Herald, landscaping at our subdivision entrances, park and trail cleanup and maintenance, block captain organization, and Neighborhood Watch. The Civic Association is carrying a good part of the Community Association's covenant-directed load, and if the Civic Association were not strongly supported, the mandatory annual assessments of the Community Association would rise significantly.  The Civic Association richly deserves the strong support of all residents of KPW, owners and renters alike, and of every member of the Community Association.


Board of Directors: 

  • President -  Nancy Grant
  • Vice President - Larry Velte
  • Secretary - Mark Heppner
  • Treasurer - Maureen Pettis
  • At-Large -  Jim Bovino, Jillian Mueller, Carolyn LaRosa

Recent Postings:

  1. Minutes of May 11, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  2. Minutes of May 18, 2016 Annual Membership Meeting [HTML]
  3. Minutes of June 8, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  4. Minutes of July 13, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  5. Minutes of August 10, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  6. Minutes of September 14, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  7. Minutes of October 12, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  8. Minutes of November 9, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  9. Minutes of December 14, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  10. Minutes of January 11, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  11. Minutes of February 8, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  12. Minutes of March 8, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]
  13. Minutes of April 5, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting [HTML]


Association Documents:

  1. KPWCA HOA Complaint Procedure [PDF]
  2. 2015 Reserve Study [PDF]
  3. Association Assessment Collection Policy [HTML]
  4. Association By-Laws [HTML]
  5. KPW Community Assn. Covenants [PDF]
  6. Exhibit 1 (Protective Covenants and Restrictions) [HTML]
  7. Map of HOA Homes and Common Land [JPG]
  8. Agreement between Civic Association and Community Association [PDF]
  9. 2013-2014 Audit of KPW Community Association [PDF]
  10. 2016-2017 Association Budget [PDF]

Archived Documents

How to Contact the Community Association


KPW Community Association 
PO Box 271
Fairfax, VA 22038



Resale Disclosure Packets ($225)

If you are selling your house, state law requires you to provide a HOA Disclosure Packet to the buyer at time of closing.  Disclosure Packets should be requested through:

For additional information, contact:

Burke Community Management Group
10494 Business Center Court
Manassas, VA  20110

Office (703) 361-9014     FAX (703) 330-5254


Web Site:




Also visit the site of the Kings Park West Civic Association at

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