Kings Park West Community Association

Collection Policy





The Board prepared and adopted a collection policy for past due assessments.  The Board will file a lien upon membersŐ property that are over 210 days past due, in accordance with the Code of Virginia ¤55-516, the Covenants and the AssociationŐs By-Laws.  The filing of the lien will follow the initial assessment notice and three past due reminder letters.  The first and second reminder letters will be sent 30 and 60 days after the due date, respectively.  The final past due notice will, following the BoardŐs review, notify the member of the BoardŐs intent to file a lien and will be sent on or about 180 days after the due date and allow 30 days for receipt of payment to avoid the filing of a lien upon the memberŐs property.



Adopted: February 2, 2005

Revised:  January 12, 2011