Kings Park West Community Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2023

Board Members in Attendance:  Larry Velte, Carolyn LaRosa, Maureen Pettis, Mark Heppner, Sharon Decker, and Diane Jeffers.

Burke Community Management Group (BCMG) representative:  Barbara Keith

Meeting called to order:  7:30 pm

Establish that quorum is present:  Ninety-six members were present (10 in person and 86 by proxy).  A quorum is 58 members.

Report on the State of the Community Association:

  • Membership status: There are 580 single-family homes in the community association.
  • Primary Budget Expenses: The majority of the revenue from annual assessments is used to cover fees charged by the management company (BCMG), pay for liability insurance, and maintain common land.
  • Trees: The Board works regularly with vendors to remove hazardous trees on common land. 
  • Liens: KPWCA’s lien rate is about 1.5-2 percent of membership.  Liens are the Association’s only remedy for non-payment of annual assessments.  The Board is reviewing courses of action to recoup receipts from unpaid assessments.
  • Architectural controls: KPWCA has guidance concerning construction, particularly fences and decks, for membership before they start their projects.  Board may only control what is specified in the covenants. 
  • HOA disclosure packets: Per state law, sellers need to obtain disclosure packets and provide them to the buyer at the time of closing.  Information on disclosure packets is on the KPWCA website (

Treasurer’s Report/Proposed Budget for 2023-2024:  Treasurer provided an overview for the membership and explained the annual assessment will likely remain at $40/property for fiscal year 2024. 

Election of Board Members:  Sharon Decker, Mark Heppner, and Larry Velte were re-elected to the Board to serve another 3-year term. 

Board Meeting Schedule:  Monthly meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at Laurel Ridge Elementary School.

Open Discussion:

  • Question:  Who owns the property at intersection of Roberts Road and Braddock Road? There are trees in danger of falling near the north bound turn lane.

Answer:  KPWCA does not have any property at that location.  It might belong to the Virginia Department of Transportation or the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Question:  At current spending levels, will KPWCA run out of money to pay its expenses? Will the Board raise assessments?

Answer:  KPWCA may need to raise assessments due to declining cash receipts.  The maximum annual assessment rate currently permitted by the covenants is $75.

  • Question: What are permitted hours for trash removal services?  There have been occasions where trash trucks are operating outside of Fairfax County noise ordinance rules.  Can we have a single trash removal provider instead of two?

Answer: County noise ordinance restricts trash service between the hours of 6 am to 9 pm.  Membership should contact County to report violations.  Membership is responsible for obtaining their own trash removal service.

  • Question: Member expressed concern about illegal dumping of construction debris onto KPWCA common land.  Member also expressed concern about overgrown trails and pathways.

Answer:  Board will investigate and take appropriate action.

  • Question:  Do architectural controls apply to existing structures that are being replaced, such as fences or decks? 

            Answer:  Although designs of windows, garage doors, or a new roof are not really a concern to the Board, the Board wants to maintain architectural harmony in the community.  Board requests membership to notify the KPWCA architectural review committee (ARC) before making any modifications to exterior of their home.  ARC rarely denies requests submitted for review. 

  • Question:  When are annual assessments due?

Answer:  Board will approve budget at the monthly Directors meeting in June.  BCMG will subsequently mail out the assessments.  Payment will be due in October.

  • Question:  What is the status of a home being donated to a charity.

Answer:  Property is still going through probate.


Meeting adjourned:  Hearing no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm.