Kings Park West Community Association

Annual Meeting

May 21, 2008


Board Members in Attendance:  Joe Meyer, Larry Velte, Dina Gorrell, Mary Hoveland, Jim Messinger, and Linda Fournier


A quorum was present.  Number of Members in Attendance: 21


Those attending by proxy:  88


Joe Meyer opened the meeting, welcomed members in attendance, and introduced the Board.


Jim Messinger presented the Treasurer’s Report, including the proposed budget for fiscal year 2008-2009, actual expenses for fiscal year 2007-2008, and the 2008-2009 proposed assessment of $30.00.  He explained that due to a change in Virginia State law, RCS Management must provide resale packets when notified of an impending sale and they, in turn, bill the Community Association.  It is the responsibility of the Association to collect the money from the buyer.


In a discussion of the three year expiration of liens placed on the homes of delinquent members, a suggestion from the floor was to consider cancelling a lien at the end of each year.  The Board would then place a new lien for the previous year and current year amounts so the amounts due would continue to increase yearly and never expire until paid in full.  The Board agreed to research the idea with our attorneys and discuss this option in a future monthly meeting.


The KPW Civic Association sponsors a Neighborhood Watch program.  They conduct daytime foot patrols and patrol in cars at night.  There has been positive reception to the program.  For additional information concerning this program, read the KPW Civic Association’s Herald publication or call Rick Huska, the Neighborhood Watch point of contact.


A member from the floor asked about commercial vehicles parked in KPW.  The Board advised that commercial vehicles cannot be parked in driveways within the Association’s venue, and Fairfax County code prohibits commercial vehicles weighing over 11,000 pounds gross vehicle weight from parking on residential streets within the county.


President’s Message:



Mary Hovland, Chairwoman of the Nominating Committee, nominated Linda Silver Bufano to fill a 3-year term.  In addition, she announced that Virginia Scattergood, a current Board Member, agreed to run for reelection.   She asked if there were any nominees from the floor.  Since there were none, she moved that the candidates be elected by acclamation.  The motion was seconded, and no one opposed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.