Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2013


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Virginia Scattergood, Linda Fournier, Mark Heppner, Larry Velte, Linda Bufano


Meeting called to order at 7:35.


Approval of June Meeting Minutes: The June meeting minutes were reviewed. Larry motioned to approve, Linda F. seconded.† Approved 6-0.


Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance as of June 30, 2013 is $5938.30; the savings account is at $4,712.33; there are 2 general fund CDís in the amount of $5,285.59 each, and the reserve CD is $13,461.67 bringing the grand total to: $34,683.48


Money was moved from savings to checking account. The JL Tree removal bill will show on next monthís financials.


Assessment: As of July 10, 8 homeowners have not paid their 2012 assessment. Larry has the liens prepared for filing. Plan is to file the liens on July 11.


Trash: The County checked and the trash at a Commonwealth Blvd address that the Board had complained about has been removed. †


Heversham Pathway/Bridge: Linda B. Talked with the zoning department and Larry looked at the original neighborhood site plan, which shows two bridges. Zoning shows paths but no cleared trees. In 1988 there was a complaint to repair a bridge but it was closed out for unknown reasons.


Over the years the creek has moved, and the land is now in a resource protection area. The county is reviewing to see if the area had been rezoned, or if the original RICHMARR proffers have changed. If a determination is made that the bridge must be rebuilt, the Board can write to DPWES and ask for an exemption. In the meantime Joe will ask Ms. Johnson for a copy of the maps she obtained.


The existing unauthorized bridge over another stream in the Robert/Commonwealth common land still needs to be removed, the Board will continue to look for a company that can do so.


September Meeting: The regularly scheduled September meeting will need to be moved because of Back to School night at Robinson. Larry will look at other dates.


Herald article: The next KPW Herald article is due July 24th for publication in August.


Trees: Linda B. and Linda F. visited the homeowner who asked about trees growing on her land. The tree growth is on common land, not hers. Previously Board members had visited this homeowner about her mowing of the grass on the common area. The agreement was made that if she hired an insured company, she could continue to maintain the grass on the common area. However during this most recent visit the homeowner claimed the plat she received at closing showed that land as hers. The county plat shows it as ours, and at the moment she cannot locate her original plat. †Discussion continues.


Additional tree removal: The two trees on Catterick Ct. are dead and the JL bid came in at $400 for removal.


RCS Renewal: Joe signed the RCS Management Company renewal contract for an additional year.


Executive Session: The Board convened an executive session to discuss additional matters.



Hearing no new business Linda B. motioned to adjourn; Virginia seconded. Concluded at 9:00.