Kings Park West Community Association

Annual Meeting

May 14, 2012


President Armand Fournier called the meeting to order at 7:37 pm.


A quorum of the membership is present, with 19 members in attendance including the board, and at least 69 proxies with the total coming to 88.†


Armand introduced the Board, starting with Larry Velte; Mark Heppner - Treasurer; Joe Meyer- Vice President; Linda Bufano; Jim Messinger- Vice Treasurer; and Virginia Scattergood, Secretary.


Treasurerís Report:† Mark reviewed the proposed budget that had been sent out to the membership. As of April 30, the grand total between the operating account, checking, savings and a reserve CD came to $36,869.00.


The Board has proposed keeping the annual assessment at $40 based on last yearís budget and 2013 projections.


The Goldklang audit: The Board became aware of some ways to strengthen our controls and efficiencies which have been incorporated.† Goldklangís review indicated that the assessment could remain at $40. The recommendations included a review of insurance which we have done; and a recommendation that the Board file using the exempt method for taxes.† Mark thanked Jim for being treasurer for majority of the year.


Jim is retiring this year, and Armand took an opportunity to thank Jim as well. For the first time in the life of the HOA there were no liens placed on properties. He worked with the households to get all past due money and bring them to be current. Without his efforts we wouldnít be where we are.†



State of the Association:


Safety: There have been some issues as of late; a home invasion at the townhomes nearby, an assault in the neighborhood, and an armed assault in the townhomes across from Tapestry. Armand emphasized for people to be aware of their surroundings, call 911 if you see something suspicious. As a reminder, the Civic Association has a Neighborhood Watch.


Trees: The Board conducted its annual tree survey in March. The results showed that only 3 trees needed to be marked for removal. The standard the Board uses is to follow what state law requires- if a tree is diseased, dead, and a hazard to a property then we will pay to remove it. If itís healthy we are not removing it. If a healthy tree falls on a homeowners land it is the homeowners responsibility under state law; we are doing what we are required to do.


Question- is there a way to see what trees are marked? Trees to be removed are usually marked with orange tape. Armand can put out a copy of the quote we put out for bid.† Since these trees are on common land, they are cut down and left on the property, not removed. Last year the tree budget went over due to the amount of heavy rains and wind.


††††††††††† Encroachment: †About a dozen homes have significant encroachment onto the common land (fences, sheds, etc.).† The Boardís policy has been that if an encroachment exists it can stay on the property until the deed changes hands; at that point the encroachment has to be removed.† The HOA packets, which are required by statute, include a notice of encroachment and ask for removal.† Thus far there has not been a problem with compliance. The Board will be sending letters over the next month or two to remind people of the policy and inform them that we are aware of the encroachment and hope everyone will continue to respect our common land and the requirement to remove when itís sold.


Insurance Risk- unapproved bridges: ††A few bridges have been built by people across a stream on common land in the area by Commonwealth, Ashcroft and Roberts. They are well constructed; however from an insurance standpoint, if someone gets hurt and itís on common property, the Board is responsible. We cannot give approval for these structures because according to law we are not allowed to make these types of improvements.† Through the Herald weíve asked people to remove them. If they are still there within the next month or two we will have to pay for removal in order to keep our insurance, as the Board doesnít want to risk cancellation. †


Armand concluded his report.††


Election of board members: Two spots are open. The nominating committee announced that Joe Meyer would serve again and will run; Jim Messinger is retiring. The nominating committee nominates Maureen Pettis to serve to a three year term. Other nominations were sought from the floor; hearing none, Armand called for a vote by acclamation. Maureen and Joe were unanimously elected.


Open Discussion: The Board was going to discuss the Robinson Turf issue but understand that they have the funding and received the grant from Fairfax County. In April we gave them a letter stating that the Board did not object, but wanted to speak to our membership before giving approval or support; however since the grant has come through that issue seems moot.


A member (Don Jenkins) rose to discuss.† His house backs up directly to the fields that are going to be upgraded. He received a letter from Supervisor John Cook; and from the Civic Association. He sent in his comments and concerns, but only received an automatic reply from Supervisor Cook and nothing back from the Civic Association. He is concerned about lighting from the field shining directly into his house and that this will continue on until 11:00pm.† His second concern is that with more people using it, there is already a lot of noise when people are coming and going and that will increase.


The member realizes that the KPWCA covers a large area but the changes at Robinson will only impact about a dozen homes. He asked the Civic Association if the lights could only stay on until 10:00pm instead of 11:00pm and didnít get an answer. If itís just used by the school he has no problem but if itís by clubs then it will be used every night if the weather is good, which is a long time.


Armand said it was represented to the Board that each household had been spoken with. The Board was also informed that the lighting will be more focused so it isnít as widespread. The member said he spent 43 years working in Army R&D for Night Vision Labs so he doubts this claim. Armand said he would express these concerns to Supervisor Cook on the memberís behalf.


Another member mentioned curb damage from snow removal two years ago and that his curb had still not been fixed.  Jim reported that his was done just two weeks ago.  It was suggested the member call VDOT, not the county, regarding the repairs and if no response, then contact his state senator and representative for assistance.


Another member (Jay Jackson) mentioned he lives near the colonial gas pipeline. He asked what organization handles the grass mowing since it is done along the pipeline, except right behind his house. Armand said he thinks itís the residents that live off of the pipestem who chip in and do it. The member would like to have the grass cut and is happy to chip in but wanted to know who to contact about it. Larry said he would follow-up. Armand explained that the civic association cuts along the main entrances; the KPWCA doesnít do any mowing. The pipeline company will trim their right-of-way once a year so they have access for the right-of-way. Larry mentioned that the last time this was raised it was a group of homeowners who were cutting it. The member indicated that the grass is now too tall for a regular lawnmower. Another homeowner mentioned that he saw it too. Larry and Armand will try to find out who is mowing so the member can join the group. †


Hearing no other questions or business, the annual meeting concluded at 8:03 pm.