Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2011


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Armand Fournier, Jim Messinger, Larry Velte, Virginia Scattergood, Mark Heppner, Linda Bufano.


Meeting called to order at 7:30.†


Approval of September Meeting Minutes: The September minutes were reviewed; Linda motioned to approve, Larry seconded; approved 7-0. †


Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance as of September 30, 2011 is $3,051.56; the savings account is at $20,002.59; there are 2 general fund CDís in the amount of $5,233.18 each, and the reserve CD is $13,434,77 bringing the grand total to: $46,955.28.† One bill for tree removal is outstanding.


Assessment Response: So far only 35 households have not paid. The final reminder letter from RCS went out on September 23.† Jim motioned for the Board to send out another reminder letter before the end of October; Linda seconded; Approved 7-0. ††


New Business:

Tree on Nottinghill: Once removal of the tree is verified, the bill will be paid.


Civic Association Meeting- There were a number of questions for the county regarding Park Service, lands, etc.† Larry and Armand attended.


Joe received an inquiry from a homeowner regarding the policy of fences that have encroached on common land.† The fence in question was there when this owner purchased the house. Although this house is not up for sale yet, the homeowner indicated they may write a letter to the board to request a waiver. Joe informed the homeowner that such waivers have not been granted in the past.† Larry stated that the fence violates a county ordinance by being on common land. The land canít be sold to the homeowner; it can only be transferred to the government or an organization that owns common land because it must stay as such.† Prior policy had been when a house is sold the infringement must be moved; further remedy would need to be discussed with our lawyers, Segan. Armand will contact them.


Holly tree removal- The Civic Association, who maintains the entryways on our behalf, suggested that the holly tree at the Twinbrook entrance be removed.† The Board discussed and Larry motioned to allow the Civic Association to remove it.† Approved 6-1.


RCS Meet and Greet:† Rod from RCS Management joined the meeting to both meet the Board members and discuss the current relationship.† Rod gave an overview of his company and its history with the KPWCA. During the course of representation Rodís company has changed significantly, although our contract has not. Rod explained the various services he offers associations, some being financial management only while others have a more comprehensive package.†


Some of the problems addressed are because our contract, which has been consistently renewed but not substantively changed, does not accurately reflect the needs of the Association.† Rod also announced that Kate is leaving his organization, and while he looks for someone and trains them, he will be the primary source of contact for us.†


The board raised concerns about this because in the past responsiveness has been lacking. Rod admitted that communication had not been good, and wants to prove that things will get better.† Larry voiced his concern over this, and Linda echoed his thoughts, adding that the problems with Rod have resulted in long time board member and Treasurer Jim resigning at the end of the year.† Jim did a lot to service KPWCA and has gone above the call of duty, which Rod concurred with.† Rod again referenced the existing contract, saying it was designed for when we were in ďstart up modeĒ and needs to be adjusted; however that was not brought to the Boardís attention until this evening.† Rod also brought with him revised wording to clarify services he provides during audit and tax preparation work; the Board agrees that the contract language needs to be reviewed.


Jim mentioned the lack of reply from Rod on our Audit response; Rod indicated he didnít realize a response was needed and offered to look through it now.† Another issue addressed was who would send bank statements since Kate handled that and often the BB&T reports are late. Rod indicated he would handle that.†


On the issue of on-line access for billing, the board reminded Rod that our bylaws do not allow that and we were not asked before the notices were sent out.† Rod stated that he did this will all of the associations, none of which had a by-law violation issue. Rod had talked with a lawyer at Segan who advised since it was an ďopt-inĒ, it was ok.†


The Board asked Rod about the structure of resale packets and how encroachments appear, and where within the packet.† He indicated it is on the first two pages and appears in bold. Rod suggested the Board begin referring to encroachments in the meeting minutes and include the address of the property, since the past six months of minutes are included with each resale packet.

Finally Rod apologized to Jim and the Board over Jimís resignation and the problems.† He said he knows if things do not get better the Board will go elsewhere for a management company. Rod has enjoyed working with this group and wants to continue making a difference.†



Hearing no new business, Virginia motioned to adjourn; Joe seconded. Concluded at 8:45 pm.