Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2010


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Armand Fournier, Larry Velte, Linda Bufano, Jim Messinger, Mark Heppner, Virginia Scattergood


Meeting called to order at 7:29pm. 


Approval of November Meeting Minutes: The November minutes were reviewed; Linda motioned to approve, Armand seconded; approved 7-0.


Treasurer’s Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $7,728.49; there are 2 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,233.18 each; 3 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,380.87 each; and the Reserve Study CD at $12,406.80 bringing the grand total to: $46,744.26. The interest from the matured CD’s has been posted. In November $1,500 was transferred to the Reserve CD from the checking account but it posted in December.


Assessment Response:  As of November 30, 19 homeowners were in arrears for the 2010 assessment.  Jim reviewed the results to date of the payment plan, which currently only one participant is behind on.  Larry motioned to waive the arrearages of three homeowners, each of which owed less than $.30 in late fees; Armand seconded and the Board approved 7-0.   


Old Business: Entrance walls: Capt. Barry will look at and repair the missing mortar at south side of Commonwealth and Sideburn as well as the Twinbrook entrance sign.


Boat:  No updates from the County Attorney’s office have been received. The prior ruling was that this was a private road, and as such there was nothing the county could do.  Mr. Scales, a neighbor to the home with the boat, attended the meeting. He indicated that the boat is blocking the entrance to the pipe stem for emergency vehicles.  However the Board indicated that the fire department had told them that since it was private property, they could not take action.  Mr. Scales reiterated his concern over a fire truck needing to get down the pipe stem would likely go into the ditch due to a lack of clearance.  Linda offered to provide Mr. Scales the name of the fire department official that gave this ruling to the Board via e-mail. 


Crosswalk at Collingham and Roberts.  A neighborhood meeting was held, which Jim reported on. Out of 27 affected homes, 15 families were at the meeting. There’s an ongoing public works study on lighting that is behind schedule.  There’s also an ongoing study for upgrading the crosswalk at this intersection.  The homeowners created a list of requests and questions for when the studies come back. The general consensus amongst the group is although the crosswalk will be painted again, they want a pedestrian activated blinking crosswalk with a sign.  Meanwhile children are now being bused from that part of the neighborhood. 


New Business:  Armand did a survey for the reserve study and will start on the evaluation.  Once it is completed he will present it to the board with recommendations. 


Mr. Scales inquired about the restrictions and covenants to the Association that are referenced in his deed.  Joe provided a hard copy, and indicated that they could be found on the Association website.  Larry explained that the Civic Association used to have covenants but they expired, while ours was one of the first associations with these types of documents.  The Board then described the history of the Association along with past legal challenges, and how the group does not expire even though it was inactive, due to Virginia law and land ownership.  


Hearing no new business, Linda motioned to adjourn; Larry seconded. Concluded at 8:25 pm.