Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2010


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Armand Fournier, Larry Velte, Linda Bufano, Jim Messinger.


Meeting called to order at 7:25pm. 


Approval of September Meeting Minutes: The September minutes were reviewed and approved by those present.


Treasurer’s Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $10,375.87; there are 2 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,162.50 each; 3 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,380.87 each; and the Reserve Study CD at $10,789.46, bringing the grand total to: $47,632.94. The Reserve Study CD is maturing this month.


Assessment Response:  As of Sept 30, 34 homeowners were in arrears for the 2010 assessment.  This number compares very favorably to the same time in 2007, 2008, and 2009.  Jim reviewed the results to date of the payment plan, which he has been vigorously working with affected homeowners.  Of the eight liened homeowners, one has paid all arrearages in full, one has paid in full via a short sale process, four are participating in the plan, and two have refused to participate.  Six properties have current liens attached.   


Old Business:   

Entrance wall at Commonwealth and Sideburn:  Work has begun by our contractor, Capt. Barry, with the full cooperation of the affected homeowner.  The Civic Association presented $1056.00 to the Community Association, raised by Civic Association members’ donations to offset the cost of the restoration.  The balance of the cost, approximately $500.00, will be drawn from the $2000.00 programmed to be transferred to the Reserve Study Account.  To effect this, Jim moved, and the Board approved, to reduce the annual Reserve Study deposit to $1500.00. 


Boat:  Linda contacted the County Zoning Office about the boat which has been parked for four years on a pipestem (private, not common or public property.) The Zoning Office will request the County Attorney contact the Fire Marshal to seek a remedy.  It was noted that in 2006 the Fire Marshal studied this issue at length without arriving at a solution that would be acceptable to Community Association members.  This time, however, the weight of the County Attorney’s involvement may make a difference.  


Roberts Road Dam:  A homeowner had complained about reduced privacy resulting from the removal of trees during the dam project.  As result of Joe’s discussion with the county about this issue, the County has planted a number of small saplings on the east sided of Roberts Rd. near Commonwealth Blvd (on Park Authority property.)


Pohick Stream Management:  As a result of his inquiry, the County has assured Joe that the Pohick Stream Management Study, which would significantly affect portions of the Association’s common land, remains a long term study, an exercise in prioritization.  No funds are earmarked for such work, and none will be until well into the future, if at all.    


University Mall Renovation:  Joe updated the Board on the project to renovate University Mall, providing maps and artist’s renderings of the architecture.


New Business:


Architectural review: T he Board authorized Joe to send a letter to Mr. Leonard Abel, a named member of the original Architectural Review Committee contained in the Covenants.  The letter requests Mr. Abel, if he is in fact the named individual, to designate Joe, Armand, and Larry as successors to the original Architectural Review Committee. 


Braddock/GMU/Fairfax City Memorandum of Understanding:  Joe attended a ceremony at which representatives of the Braddock District, the City of Fairfax, and George Mason University signed a memorandum agreeing to work together to resolve issues among the three parties. 



Communications from Members


The Architectural Committee approved construction of a shed in the side yard of a Farndon Court property.


The Architectural Committee approved, ex post facto, construction of a tree house on Pumphrey Drive.



The meeting adjourned at 8:12pm.