Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2010


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Armand Fournier, Linda Bufano, Virginia Scattergood, Jim Messinger, Larry Velte


Meeting called to order at 7:35pm.†


Approval of May Meeting Minutes: The May minutes were reviewed and approved.† Larry motioned to approve them, Joe seconded.† Approved 6-0.


Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes: The annual meeting minutes were reviewed and discussed.† Linda B. Motioned to approve; Armand seconded. Approved 6-0.

Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $4,815.62; there are 2 general fund CDís in the amount of $5,162.50 each; 3 general fund CDís in the amount of $5,308.04 each; and the reserve at $10,789.46 bringing the grand total to: $41,854.20.


Jim has received 14 checks for the 2010 assessment.†


Assessment Response:† 12 households have not paid their annual assessment for 2009-2010. Two households will be having liens removed since payment has been received.


Old Business: †Jim is getting an estimate for a tree thatís leaning towards a House.†


The 2010-2011 Budget was reviewed. This is the same one that was presented at the annual meeting.† After discussion, Linda B. Motioned to approve; Virginia seconded.† Approved 6-0.


RCS Contract Renewal: This was approved unanimously via e-mail.

Goldklang Audit: A positive report was received; a copy will be put on the web site if members are interested and wish to review.†


Goldklang contract: No renewal notice has been received; Jim will check in on it.


New Business: Discussion of Board duties: Tabled until next meeting.


Corporate Status Renewal: Joe will check in with Rod and Goldklang to see if it has been received.


Architectural Reviews: Joe suggested the Board discuss how reviews are done and consider whether to expand whatís permissible.


Election of Officers:† Proposed slate:† President- Joe Meyer; Vice-President Ė Armand Fournier; Treasurer- Jim Messinger; Secretary- Virginia Scattergood.† Linda B. motioned to approve the slate of officers; Larry seconded.† Unanimously approved.


Hearing no new business, Virginia motioned to adjourn, Linda B. seconded. Adjourned at 8:17pm.