Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2010


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Linda Fournier, Linda Bufano, Jim Messinger, Larry Velte


Meeting called to order at 7:36 p.m.†


Approval of December Meeting Minutes: The December minutes were approved. Jim motioned to approve, Linda Bufano seconded.† Approved 5-0.

Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $15,542.66; 2 CDs at $5,162.50; 3 CDs at $5,308.04; and the reserve at $10,789.46; with a total of $52,581.24.


Assessment Response:† Twenty-six homes have not paid their 2010 dues, and out of this, ten have liens from prior years.† Five of the ten paid dues, thinking they were for 2010; however these funds were applied to their 2009 outstanding balances, per standard accounting practices.† Joe moved to waive one memberís balance of $.15, and Larry seconded.† Approved 5-0.


Old Business: We received the Robertís Road dam easement, and the work should begin during the first part of February or March.† Fairfax County will research whether they can take possession of the entire property.† Jim moved that we approve the easement, and Larry seconded.† Approved 5-0


New Business: A homeowner pointed out that the signs at Commonwealth and Sideburn are in need of repair.† We will confer with the Civic Association President to arrange a meeting with the homeowner to discuss scheduling repairs to the sign on his property.† ††††††


Communications from Members: A member informed the Board of a possible Kings Park West widespread problem.† He said that the water pipe running to his house from the street broke 16 months ago and then again recently.† He provided photographic evidence that there was physical damage to the pipe either from the initial installation or from when the cable company ran their cable underground atop the water pipe.† He said that several of his neighbors also experienced the same problem.† Joe said that he would speak to the Civic Association President to have the member also present this information to the Civic Association.


Hearing no other new business, Larry motioned to adjourn, and Linda Bufano seconded. Adjourned at 8:45pm.