Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2009


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Larry Velte, Linda Fournier, Linda Bufano, Virginia Scattergood,

Jim Messinger


Meeting called to order at 7:40pm.†


Approval of May and June Meeting Minutes: The May minutes were approved unanimously via e-mail; the June minutes were reviewed and approved 6-0.


Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $2,005.71; there are 2 CDís in the amount of $5,000.00 each; 4 CDís in the amount of $5,247.22 each; a reserve CD in the amount of $8,684.13, bringing the grand total to: $41,678.72


The 4 CDís in the amount of $5,247.22 each are maturing. Jim recommended moving one to the cash checking account, and moving the other 3 into new CDís.  After discussion Larry motioned for the cashing in of one CDís and renewal of 3 others; Joe seconded; Approved 6-0.  The 4th CD will be reinvested once the checking account begins to replenish with annual assessment returns.


Assessment Response: There are 5 previous liens and 5 current liens, bringing the grand total to 10 outstanding liens. The final letters have gone out and Larry and Jim will start the lien process. They will be filed by the end of July. Letters accompanying the new liens will list the total amount due, including previous years. †


Proposed Budget:† The proposed budget recommended an annual assessment of $30.† Jim motioned to set the annual assessment amount at $30.00; Linda F. Seconded; Approved 6-0.


Corporate Status Renewal:† Joe received the notice of State Corporation Dues; it was delayed due to a problem at RCS, so they will pay the late fee, and the Association will pay the regular annual amount.


Lawn Mowing Contract: A discussion to amend the Associationís May 26, 2004 agreement with the Civic Association was tabled. †


Architectural Reviews:† A plan for a screened in porch has been approved by the review committee.† There is another deck proposal to review, and another screened in porch request will be forthcoming.


Joe suggested that the Board begin to think about guidelines for architectural review. The Association Board of Directors may create rules so long as they are fair and apply to all members equally, are aimed at enhancing the quality of the community, and do not contravene the Associationís covenants or higher rules such as county codes or state law, †Promulgation of a new rule(s) is subject to membership comments.


Cemetery:† There is a small family cemetery in the neighborhood. It has been brought to the Boardís attention that the cemetery needs to be maintained, since it is considered a historic site and has been asked to take on the cemetery.

The Board discussed this issue.† Recognizing that the consensus of the community, when resurrecting the Association, was not to take more land- in fact the idea was to get rid of the land owned by the Association (which is not possible); acquiring the cemetery did not seem possible.† In addition the land still has an owner, although they do not live in the area. The owner has the possibility of willing it to the county, keeping ownership and asking the civic association to maintain it; but there is no need for the Board to acquire it as land.†

After the discussion it was agreed that this would not be beneficial to all homeowners at this time.† Fairfax County Preservation Association can facilitate the care of the cemetery as well; so the Board intends to take no further action.


Hearing no new business, Linda F. motioned to adjourn; Larry seconded. Meeting concluded at 8:25pm.