Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2008


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Virginia Scattergood, Linda Fournier, Jim Messinger, Linda Bufano, Larry Velte


Meeting called to order at 7:32pm. 


Approval of November Meeting Minutes: The November minutes were distributed and reviewed. Joe motioned to approve; Linda F. seconded. Approved 6-0.           


Treasurer’s Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $12,531.00; there are 6 CD’s in the amount of $5,000.00 each (total interest is $577.00); a reserve CD in the amount of $8,684.00, bringing the grand total to: $51,792.00.


Larry motioned to put the 4 maturing CD’s back into 4 more CD’s.  Linda B. seconded.  Approved 6-0.


Assessment Response: There are 9 liens still outstanding. Jim checked to see what was undelivered by the Post Office.  Three notifications were deemed “undeliverable” by the post office.


One paid lien had .15 cents remaining in late fees. Joe motioned to remove the late fees; Larry seconded. Approved 6-0.


The Board discussed the situation where money paid on a past due bill is not specified as to which year it is for. It is agreed that unless specified, the money will go to the current year.  In addition the Board will send out a notification letter to those past due making them aware of previously owed amounts.


Colonial Pipeline Report:  Larry spoke with the utility company regarding the damage to their pipeline covering.  He sent an E-mail with pictures of the damaged tiles, and is waiting to hear back.


Pipe stem Parking: Neighborhood watch has observed the issue, which has been brought to the Board’s attention. The Board agreed that since it is private property, this is a private issue for the neighbors to decide.


Neighborhood Tree Removal: At the Twinbrook entrance, there are several large pine trees which may be expensive to take down in the future.  The Civic Association brought this to the Board’s attention.  Joe will continue to monitor the situation, and address it should a problem arise with the trees.


County Tree Removal: Joe attended a meeting with county officials and property owners.  Roberts Road contains a catch basin, making that portion of the road a “dam” pursuant to state regulations.  As such nothing with roots can be on a dam and must be removed by the county.  In addition the county needs to build a service road in order to access the dam.  Some trees will still be left behind houses backing to the properties on Pumphrey.  There will be meetings in the future, which Joe will attend, and he encourages affected homeowners to attend as well.


HOA “Merger” proposal:  The Civic Association brought up the idea of “merging” with the community association and the neighboring HOA. However this would take several years and the approval of 75% of all memberships involved, not to mention legal changes. For the time being, this will be left as just a proposal with no further action taken by the Board.

In addition the Board discussed its ability to share maintenance costs of the entrances with the Civic Association.  Larry will contact the Association’s counsel to see what the possibilities are.


Tapestry Pool: Members of the Tapestry community and the builder met.  The county has said that the density is not appropriate for building residences there.  In order to build, there would need to be a correction made to the map on record. Joe will continue to update the Board as this moves forward.


Communication from Members:  A member told the Board that there is trash located in the trees on KPWCA common property. Joe was unable to see it at the time since it was dark, but will see what the situation warrants.


Hearing no new business, Virginia motioned to adjourn; Larry seconded. Approved 6-0 at: 8:40pm.