Kings Park West Community Association


October 8, 2008 Meeting


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Virginia Scattergood, Linda Fournier, Jim Messinger, Mary Hovland, Larry Velte


Meeting called to order at 7:35pm.†


Approval of September Meeting Minutes: The September minutes were distributed and reviewed. Linda motioned to approve; Virginia seconded. Approved 6-0.†††††††††

Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance is $14,309.42; there are 4 CDís in the amount of $5,144.24 each that have a locked in rate of 3%. The Reserve account has two new $5,000 CDs with a locked in rate of 3.25%, and $1,003.67 in cash. This brings the grand total to: $53,480.67.


Assessment Response: There are 14 liens still outstanding. Jim checked to see what was undelivered by the Post Office.† Two notifications were deliverable but unclaimed by the owner.


Payment was received for a house on Pumphrey where the owner lived elsewhere. The lien will be released within 90 days. The county records show the Pumphrey address as the permanent address.


Currently, when a bill is sent out for the assessment, the current balance only is on the bill.† Previously (in 2007) the final notice sent before filing a lien contained the total balance if the homeowner owed for more than one year. This has been cause for some confusion for residents who only pay whatís on the bill for the current year, not the total amount due.


A question arose for check designations.† If you write on a check what year it is for, it will be applied to that yearís dues. However an account may still have unpaid balances for previous years. In the case of this particular homeowner, the current lien will be released. As payment installments are received, the money will be applied to the oldest balance until enough is received to clear out another lien.


Transfer of Bad Debt:† The lien on Kaywood will be released since a certified check for the amount on the notification letter was received.


Resale packets:† We have been paid for all packets requested.†


College Party House: There has been recent activity in a rented house on Wheatstone. Joe has passed the information on to the Civic Association, who is handling the collegiate renters in the neighborhood.


Tree Work: A property where a tree was removed still contains debris.† Joe followed up with the removal company, who agreed to clear the debris at no charge.


Communication from Members:† Tiling has washed away from a gas line covering in the creekbed near Bessmer lane due to the recent heavy rains.† Larry will see if he can locate the appropriate contact person with the utility to notify.


Hearing no new business, Mary motioned to adjourn; Larry seconded. Approved 6-0 at: 8:15pm.