Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, Kings Park West Community Association


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 7:34 by Joe Meyer.  Jim Messinger, Mary Hovland, Larry Velte and Dina Gorrell were also present.   The meeting was also attended by Greg Bishop, who arrived after the meeting was called to order.


Reading of the December minutes was waived, having been approved as amended by electronic vote earlier.


Jim Messinger delivered the Treasurer’s Report.  He reported that the KPW Community Association had $23,263.52 in its checking account.  There are 5 CD’s totaling $25,335.59.  There is also a reserve fund of $1001.79.  Added together, The Kings Park West Community Association has a total of $49,600.90 in assets.


Larry Velte gave an update of the outstanding assessments.  One outstanding assessment has been received, leaving a total of 24 homeowners with unpaid dues.  The one assessment that had been received had an outstanding late fee of 15 cents.  There was a motion to waive the late fee, the vote was unanimous, and it passed.


It was noted that although there are 50% higher late assessments than this time last year, there were only 12 last year.  Having 24 outstanding assessments is still a very low percentage for the size of our membership.


Larry announced that for the remaining past due assessments, a final notice letter will be delivered in late January, personalized to each homeowner.  This is the final step prior to placing a lien on their properties.  The draft of the final notice letter will be circulated electronically for feedback of the Board members.


Greg Bishop gave a presentation on options for the Kings Park West Community Association website.  Until now, we have been getting our website for free, but that is ending.  Greg presented research on a superior product for hosting our site, at a minimal cost.  According to CNET, it is a top rated web hosting program.  It will cost $9.95 per month.  We will save a $20 set up fee if we pay a one time annual fee up front by check.  Dina Gorrell moved to approve the expense.  Jim Messinger seconded.   All were in agreement and the motion passed. 


Larry Velte announced that he attended a Neighborhood Watch meeting.  The Neighborhood Watch is in the process of building up and is actively recruiting volunteers.   According to police reports, there is a county-wide trend of daytime burglaries, (when people are at work and the house is empty) versus nighttime vandalism (pranks, car break-ins, damaged mailboxes, etc.).


Correspondence from Members – a Member complained that a car was parked on the grass in the front yard of someone’s home on Commonwealth, near Robinson High School (on the Robinson side of the street.)  Larry Velte will draft a letter advising the homeowner that parking on the front yard grass is a violation of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance, and they are likely to receive a ticket if the car is not moved.


It was noted that a prior complaint of covenant issues on Nantucket Court seems to have been cleared up.  Several new covenant issues were brought to the attention of the Board members, and were discussed and will be looked into further and reported at a later date.


It was announced that several dead trees had been removed at the Twinbrook/Guinea entrance to the neighborhood, courtesy of the Kings Park West Civic Association.  Although the Community Association owns that piece of land, the Civic Association maintains it.


A dead tree behind a home on Nottinghill Lane had been previously reported.  It was noted that the tree had been removed by the tree service employed by the Community Association, and a bill would be forthcoming for us to pay.


Larry Velte reported that the original liens placed on homes with delinquent assessments will expire on July 18, 2008 if they are not satisfied by then.  Larry said he would ask the Association’s attorney, Segan, Mason & Mason, what non-judicial foreclosure process we could pursue and what would be the amount we could expect to collect and at what cost.


There was a discussion on the timing of the upcoming Annual Meeting.  It was proposed that we hold it on May 21, 2008, as long as there are no conflicts with reserving the meeting space from Robinson High School.


At 8:45, Joe Meyer motioned that the meeting be adjourned.  Mary Hovland seconded and the meeting was concluded.