Kings Park West Community Association


November 14, 2007 Meeting


††††††††††† In attendance: Linda Fournier, Jim Messinger, Larry Velte, Mary Hovland,

††††††††††† Virginia Scattergood


Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm. †


Approval of October Meeting Minutes: The October 10th minutes were distributed and reviewed. Larry motioned to approve; Jim seconded.

Approved 5-0.††††††††††

Treasurerís Report: Jim informed the board that the current balance is $25,341.17 in cash, with 4 CDís in the amount of $5,000 each that have a locked in rate of 5%. The reserve CD has $5,335.59. The cash reserve is $1,001.58.† This brings the grand total to: $51,678.34.


Assessment Response: Payment from 26 households is still outstanding.†


Lien Status: 8 properties still have liens on them.


Resale Packets:† Payment for 4 packets has come in, so it comes to a zero balance on the financials.


There are two new requests for packets; Mary will look at one.


There are nine households that have various degrees of late fees from 2006 ranging from $.20 to $2.00, totaling $8.13.† Mary motioned to remove the $2.00 fee for the 2006 lien that was released.† Linda seconded. Approved 5-0.†


Jim motioned that for all others with no outstanding balance (none exceed $2.50) the late fees be removed.† Mary seconded. Approved 5-0.


Tapestry resident parking issue/pool update: †There have not been any further updates on this issue; it may still be studied from a safety standpoint.


Web site updates/corrections: AOL is no longer hosting Web sites for free; the Association will have to pay $15 a month, but it also means easier accessibility to make updates to the Web site.


From Sept. 1 through October 31st 69 unique visitors went to the Web site.


In addition, other Web hosting options will be investigated for price comparison purposes.


Neighborhood Watch: Larry reports that the Civic Association wants to revitalize the neighborhood watch program. Most problems in the country occur in the daytime, so patrols during the day are being looked at.


An article will run in the Herald about the starting of patrols, if any members are interested in participating. †Larry suggested that Neighborhood Watch information could be posted on our website as well as the Civic Associationís website.


University Mall Renovation: Joe received a meeting notice about the upcoming renovation plans; itís November 27th at Sharon Bulovaís office. Joe will be attending, but others are welcome to participate.


Communications from Members:

Tree on Nottinghill:† Both Joe and Mary looked at the tree, which is ready to come down.† Looking for other tree problems for group removal. Around March a group of Board members will go out to look for additional trees that need to be removed.


There is concern that a homeowner will be building a shed that is not up to county code. The property will be looked at, and a letter may be sent if the homeowner believes it is a problem.


External Communications: Braddock District Council (BDC) annual dues letter has been received. The Association does not pay dues to the BDC because the KPW Civic Association represents all of KPW on the Council. Larry will remind the Braddock District Council of that fact and that we will not be paying dues.


Hearing no new business, Mary motioned to adjourn; Larry seconded. Approved 5-0 at 8:10pm.