Kings Park West Community Association Minutes

November 15, 2006


Present were Dina Gorrell, Larry Velte, Bernie Shinal, Mary Hovland, and Jim Messinger


Approval of October Minutes:Approval of October minutes was postponed until all the members of the board had reviewed.


Treasurerís Report:The balance in the checkbook is $46,150.38.The reserve account balance is $4,222.51.The target for the latter account is $20,000.There is a budget of $2,000 per year to attain this goal.


Status of Liens:Three liens were released November 7, 2006.The current status is nine homeowners with liens.The accounts receivable report has a similar makeup to the prior yearís account receivable report.Recently, Rod had been asked not to send letters notifying homeowners of outstanding balances.After reviewing the report, Rod is now authorized to send final notice certified letters.The breakdown of accounts receivables included nine homeowners with late fees only.The late fees belong to KPW, not the management company, Mary Hovland moved to waive these specific late fees of which none were greater than one dollar.Joe Meyer seconded the motion.The motion passed and Bernie agreed to tell Rod to waive the late fees on these specific accounts.


Lawsuit:A lawsuit brought by a disgruntled homeowner is scheduled to be heard November 17, 2006.The topic is nonpayment of homeowner association dues.Bob Segan, the legal counsel is confident that KPW community association will prevail.Larry Velte will attend along with Dina Gorrell.


Covenant Enforcement/Encroachment:Larry Velte will email Bob Segan to inquire about his response to covenant enforcement issues.


Braddock District Council Dues: The Braddock district council is double counting when asking the KPW community association to pay their dues as we are part of KPW civic association who is already paying Braddock district council dues.The question arose should the community association pay part of the civic association fees to the Braddock district.After coordinating with the civic association, they agreed to pay for all the homes in KPW.


Communications from members:A home in the KPW community was converted to section eight housing.A member of the community wanted to know if other residents had a voice in the conversion process.The community association has no power in this arena.The KPW community association can only take action if the tenant/owner is breaking county rules or covenants.A second communication from a member was a request for approval of a fence.The member was apprised of the fence requirements.The community association asked for a picture and/or type of fence as well as a description of proposed site of fence on lot.


Fred Fredericks arrived at the end of the meeting and gave a brief update on the Kings West Swim Club.They have met with the county, and planned to invite 3 developers plus one KPW Homeowner who is interested in purchasing the property to present to their board during December, with a hope of choosing a purchaser by the end of the month so that a January meeting of the Pool membership could be convened to approve the sale.If that were to happen then we would honor our commitment from the 2006 annual meeting to organize a special membership meeting to consider acquiring undevelopable land adjacent to our common land.