October 11, 2006 Minutes


Meeting was called to order by Larry Velte at 7:35pm.† Present:† Fredericks, Messinger, Shinal, Meyer, Velte, and Hovland.† Dina Gorrell was absent initially but arrived at 8:00pm.


The August minutes had been approved by unanimous consent via e-mail prior to this meeting.† Joe Meyer moved to accept the September minutes, and Jim Messinger seconded the motion.† The motion passed 6-0 and the minutes were accepted.


Bernie Shinal provided the treasurerís report.† The current checking account balance is $46,031.57, with an additional $4220.72 in the reserve account.† Bernie had received the aged receivables report from RCS management prior to our meeting and summarized briefly saying that by his count, there were approximately 51 outstanding receivables.† Bernie also had asked Rod at RCS the status of the assessment late notice letters.† Rod reported that the first late notice went out on September 6th, and the second late notice went out on October 6th.† After the treasurerís report, there was discussion among the board members as to who would send the final late notice (the board as we have done in years past or should RCS management do it) and the exact timing of these notices.† There is a potentially significant expense as these notices must be sent certified mail.† Velte will follow up with RCS.


Larry Velte provided status on liens.† We have received payment to release 3 liens.† After these liens are released, there will be a total of 16 liens outstanding covering 10 homes (some homes have two liens).


Larry reported that the Community Association has been served with a summons to appear in small claims court on November 17th, 2006.† The owner of 10440 Collingham Drive, who has not paid the 2005 assessment and thus has a lien placed on the home has sued the Association for $143.00, challenging the validity of the lien.† Larry will be consulting with our counsel and will represent the Association at the hearing,.† Other board members indicated that they would try to attend as well.† Larry noted that in small claims court, lawyers are not permitted so we would be representing ourselves, as would the homeowner.


Regarding the Covenant Enforcement / Encroachment issues discussed at previous meetings, Larry recently sent a follow-up email to our attorneys continuing the previous discussions with them on our authority in this area.


Joe Meyer informed the board that he received a copy of a letter sent to Delegate Bulova and Supervisor Bulova, written by one of our residents concerning the GMU sign.† The letter requested that Delegate Bulova ask the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia to render an opinion as to whether George Mason University violated state law by erecting the sign on Braddock road in such a manner that it obstructs the view of the traffic light.† Joe indicated that the resident also sent a copy to Tony Velucci of the Civic Association.


Larry informed the board as to resolution of an issue reported by a resident previously.† We had gotten a complaint from a homeowner about trash and rodents at a neighboring house on Ridge Court.† The house had been rented out.† Larry had contacted the owner/landlord and informed him of the situation, and after some back and forth correspondence via email, letter, and telephone, the owner/landlord has remedied the situation and had all the refuse removed from the premises.† Larry indicated that he had checked the property and verified that everything has been cleaned up.


Bernie Shinal made a motion to adjourn, Joe Meyer seconded, and the motion passed 7-0.† The meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm.