September 13, 2006 Minutes



Meeting was called to order by Larry Velte at 7:36pm.† Present: Fredericks, Messinger, Gorrell, Meyer, and Velte.† Absent:† Hovland and Shinal.


The August minutes had been prepared by Mary Hovland who was not present at this meeting.† By unanimous consent, Resolution of the August minutes was postponed until the earlier of the October meeting or unanimous approval via e-mail.†


Treasurerís report had been sent in by Bernie Shinal and was read by Jim Messinger:† Total balance $48,991.15.† Of that, $44,780.62 was in the checking account and $4,210.53 in the reserve account.† Additionally, the report indicated that a $35 check was mailed to the State Corporation Commission to renew our certification through FY 2007.


Joe Meyer reported that he attended a meeting on the GMU expansion plans.† This was the first of 3 meetings.† At this meeting, a representative from the GMU facilities team went over the 10-year expansion plan.† Tony Velucci from the Civic Association also attended, and, acting as representative of local community/civic associations, presented a list of concerns raised by said associations.


Discussion of Encroachment issues was postponed until the October meeting.


Fred Fredericks updated the board on the latest news from the Kings West Swim Club (Tapestry Dr. pool).† The Swim Club general membership met on July 27th to approve changes to the by-laws designed to smooth the transition process were the property to be sold.† The club has sent a request for proposals out to local developers, guiding them towards single-family homes.† The club is also considering selling the majority of the land and retaining some for a park, using the proceeds of the sale of the land to fund a trust that would provide funds for maintenance for the park.†


Joe Meyer began a discussion of whether or not the board wanted to prepare statements to go into reseller packets regarding modifications to properties, with the statements varying depending on whether the modification occurred prior to the 2004 re-constitution of the Association or after, and if after then depending on whether or not the homeowner had received association approval.† No decisions were reached.† Larry Velte said that we still needed to get clarification from our attorney regarding what action we can take, and that he would prepare additional questions based on what we had received previously.† Further discussion is scheduled for the October meeting.


A board member received an e-mail from a member asking the board to provide an internet bulletin board for home listings.† In response, the board member recommended the Herald classifieds.† The board also received a complaint from a homeowner who reported a nearby home that potentially had multiple families residing in it.† The board decided to investigate, and then refer the homeowner to the county if appropriate.† Discussion ensued as to how to handle violations of other county ordinances.


Fred Fredericks moved to adjourn, Dina Gorrell seconded, and by a 5-0 vote the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30pm.