Kings Park West Community Association

Minutes – July 12, 2006


Vice-President Joe Meyer called the meeting to order at 7:37 p.m.  Absent was Larry Velte.


The June meeting minutes were read.  Fred Fredericks moved that the minutes be accepted and Mary Hovland seconded.  The minutes were approved by a vote of 6-0.


Bernie Shinal read the treasurer’s report.  The balance as of June 30 in our checking account is $32,096.53.  The balance in the reserve account was $4,210.53.  Combined total all funds $36,307.06.


The board discussed the status of delinquent dues payments and the upcoming filing of liens.  The board discussed an issue with a specific household.  Larry Velte and Joe Meyer went to the residence and verified that the correct mailing address for the resident is their home address.  Joe and Larry explained to the homeowners the situation where at least some notifications for the dues, late fees, and liens went to an incorrect address.  The question was put to the board how to handle the situation and what if any alterations to their balance should be made given the error made by the board in notification.  Fred Fredericks moved that

  1. The board shall waive all late fees incurred by the homeowners, and set their current balance to $100.00, comprising the $50 fee for each of 2004-5 and 2005-6
  2. The board shall release the lien upon receipt of the $100 balance of fees owed, with the board absorbing the costs for filing and releasing the liens
  3. The president of the board shall write a letter to the homeowners explaining the waiving of the late fees, and that the $100.00 is still owed and that the lien will be released upon receipt of the $100.00.
  4. The president of the board shall hand-deliver aforementioned letter to the household to guarantee its receipt.


Dina Gorrell seconded the motion, which was approved 6-0.


The board discussed that there have been several trees which have fallen throughout the neighborhood in the recent storms.  Specifically, the households at 10424 and 10426 Collingham had an incident where a tree fell onto a fence, but the tree was on the homeowner’s property, not the common land.  There was a tree nearby which was on common land with some branches hanging, but it appears that those branches were removed.  Joe Meyer stated that we have received no e-mails or letters regarding trees.


After the last meeting, Fred Fredericks e-mailed to the board a list of homeowners and addresses for the members of our association.  Joe Meyer provided the Civic Association with a copy, so that if any issues regarding additions to homes arise, the Civic Association can determine whether the home is in our Association and direct the homeowner to us.


The board briefly discussed the encroachment issue at Collingham that was discussed at the previous meeting, and that we may need to revisit our plans for how to handle encroachment due to legal liability issues should an accident occur on common land that has been encroached upon by the homeowner.


Joe Meyer reported that Larry Velte sent an e-mail to Segan, Mason, and Mason asking for a legal opinion as to the enforceability and actionability of our covenants with respect to homeowners making modifications to houses.  We have not yet received a response.


Joe Meyer reported that, since our last meeting, Fairfax County has extended parking district 17 to include Commonwealth Court.  Jim Messinger attended the hearing.  This change will prevent Robinson HS students from parking there during school.


Joe relayed to the board information regarding a meeting he attended that was hosted by Tony Velucci, president of the Civic Association, regarding the Commonwealth pipe stem boat issue.  One of the homeowners parks a boat on the pipe stem, and this has concerned other owners on the pipe stem.  The meeting followed a lengthy e-mail conversation among multiple parties, including the homeowners, the county, and the fire marshal.  While the issue has not yet been resolved, Joe is optimistic that the homeowners will come to agreement shortly.


Larry Velte had provided Joe Meyer with a draft letter to an absentee homeowner who owns a property on Ridge Ct.  The board had previously received a complaint from other homeowners about excessive junk stored on the property, and the purpose of the letter is to notify the homeowner who can hopefully work with the tenants to rectify the situation.  The board reviewed the draft and made some recommendations about wording.  Fred Fredericks will forward those on to Larry.


Fred Fredericks reported that he had received information from Armand Fournier regarding previous research done regarding replacing the sign at the intersection of Tapestry Dr. and Braddock Rd.  As suggested by the board, Fred will compile the information and present it to Mr. Blanco, the homeowner who raised the issue at the annual meeting, and request that Mr. Blanco lead a committee to pursue the issues further, including engineering analysis and discussions with the country about offset and other regulations.


Fred Fredericks reported that he contacted Debbi Miller, resident of Farndon Ct., about the recently replaced Farndon Ct. pipe stem sign.  Debbi provided Fred with the name of a contact who has the contact information for the company who created the sign.  Fred will pass this information onto the Catterick Ct. residents who inquired originally.


Fred Fredericks informed the board that the Kings West Swim Club plans to host a meeting July 27th at Robinson High School for the purpose of voting on changes to their by-laws as they work through their issues of disposing of their property.


Joe Meyer informed the board that he received an e-mail from Tony Velucci regarding a meeting next Monday involving the West Park HOA, the Kings Park West Civic Association, and our board to discuss GMU expansion and some local security issues.  Joe stated that he and Larry plan to attend to represent our board.


Joe Meyer received a copy of updated state regulations for HOAs from Segan, Mason, and Mason.


Fred Fredericks moved to adjourn the meeting, Joe Meyer seconded, and the motion passed 6-0.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.