Kings Park West Community Association

Board Meeting Minutes April 12, 2006


The meeting was called to order by President Larry Velte at 7:31 p.m., with members Dina Gorrell and Fred Fredericks absent.


The March minutes were accepted; Tom Coldwell moved, Larry Velte seconded.


Treasurer Bernie Shinal reported a balance of $40,135.23, including $2,110.53 in the reserve fund.  He will be transferring an additional $2,100 to the reserve fund for 2006 within the next few weeks.


The board had a meeting with Mr. Rod Strawderman of RCS Management, the current KPWCA management company.  Discussion centered past performance and areas of improvement.  The board voted to pick up the option to extend RCS’ contract for another year.  Armand Fournier made the motion and Joe Meyer seconded.


Armand Fournier indicated he had called all the delinquent members who had paid last year, in an effort to find out if there was some reason they have not submitted this year’s assessment.  He was unable to speak directly with anyone, leaving voice mail messages, but has not had any of the nine homeowners call him back, or submit their payment.


Larry Velte reported that there are still 17 members who have not paid their assessments for 2005-06.  Liens must be filed by August 1, 2006.


Sharon Bulova’s office hosted a meeting with Dominion Virginia Power and the residents of Bessmer/Heversham area on March 25 to discuss upgrading the electrical grid in the area.  Dominion will need signed underground easements from KPWCA, the Swim Club on Tapestry and one private party in order to place the existing overhead line underground. 


Bernie Shinal and Armand Fournier presented a proposed budget for 2006-07 to the board.  The budget reflects a reduction in the annual assessment to $40.  Joe Meyer moved and Armand Fournier seconded the move to present the proposed budget to the members in the mailing for the Annual Meeting and to be prepared to discuss it at the Annual Meeting.


The agenda for the annual meeting was finalized and the nominating committee reported two nominees (Joe Meyer and James Messinger) to fill the two positions up for election this year.  Additional nominations will be taken from the floor at the meeting.  Official mailing of the Annual Meeting notice, to include a proxy ballot, must be done early enough to be received by the members no later than May 9.  An envelope stuffing session will be held in the near future.  The Annual Meeting will be Wednesday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Blue Cafeteria at Robinson Secondary School. 


Evaluation of tree work needed on the common areas was tabled.  Some possible work was noted, but will not be done at this time, as it does not represent a danger to the members.  The proposed budget reflects increased monies for tree removal, based on the experience of the last two years.


The Association received another delinquent tax notice on common property from Fairfax County.  Larry Velte spoke with Mr. Greenlief, the Director of Tax Administration, who acknowledged that the bill was sent in error, and that the Community Association owes no property taxes on common land. 


The board reluctantly accepted the resignation of Vice-president Tom Coldwell, effective at the end of the April meeting.  Tom is selling his home and will be moving from the area.  Larry Velte presented Tom with a certificate of appreciation for all his hard work.  Tom was a member of the original organizing committee and has done an enormous amount of work for the Association.  His counsel will be greatly missed.


The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m., motion by Tom Coldwell, seconded by Armand Fournier.