Kings Park West Community Association

March 8, 2006


The March meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President Larry Velte at 7:33 p.m.  All board members were present.


The board secretary, Joe Meyer, presented the minutes from the last meeting.  Tom Coldwell motioned to accept the minutes; Bernie Shinal seconded.  The motion carried.


Treasurer Bernie Shinal reported a balance of $40,773.23 in our main checking account.  The reserve account, used for future maintenance, has a balance of $2,109.  Corporate income tax forms were mailed mid February.  The association does not owe any taxes this year.  The audit by Goldklang and Associates now has the additional missing information they requested, and the audit is being modified to reflect this new information.  The final audit should be available shortly.


There are still 19 members who are delinquent in paying their 2005-06 assessments (no change from last month).  There are eight who still have liens from last year, five who will soon receive final notices about the 2005-06 assessments, and six others whose liens will be filed not earlier than mid-March.  The board agreed to forgive the late fee for one past due assessment.  Motion made by Fred Fredericks, seconded by Dina Gorrell.  Motion carried.


The board reviewed and discussed the legal opinion from HOA’s counsel on the merits and options available for collection of overdue assessments and fees.


Discussion of the Annual Meeting (May 24, 7:30, Blue Cafeteria, Robinson Secondary School) continued from last month.  The ‘orange postcard’ unofficial notification to remind the membership and solicit nominees for the board is ready for mailing.  RCS will supply a set of mailing labels.  Two board members will be up for reelection or replacement this year (Meyer and Fournier).  Nominations are due by April 15, but nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.  There will be an official mailing announcing the Annual Meeting, to include a voting proxy, in early May. 

It appears there may also be one or two resignations from the board due to relocations from KPW.  The covenants allow the board to appoint members to complete the terms of those who resigned.


Fred Fredericks reported that the Kings West pool board met recently and was still vacillating between trying to sell the pool and trying to reinvent it as a going concern.  They were interested in approaching Sharon Bulova’s office about getting some assistance and might be looking at our association and the townhouse association to go with them to Ms. Bulova’s office.


A meeting with Dominion Power representatives and local elected officials will be held March 25, 12:30 p.m. at the Kings Park Library Community Room to discuss the poor maintenance that is causing frequent power outages on Bessmer Lane/Heversham Court.


In response to the board’s request for proposal for management services, Mr. Dick Mortimer made a presentation to the board.  Mr. Mortimer will provide references, per the board’s request.  The board went into executive session to discuss the merits or Mr. Mortimer’s presentation.  RCS will make a presentation to the board at the April meeting.


Vice President Tom Coldwell indicated his intention to resign from the board immediately following the close of the April board meeting.  He has purchased a house in another state, and currently has his home in KPW for sale.


The meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.  Fred Fredericks made the motion, Tom Coldwell seconded.  Motion carried.