Kings Park West Community Association

Board Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2006


President Larry Velte called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m.  All board members were present.


Treasurer Shinal discussed the status of the taxes for 2004-2005 and the annual audit.  The taxes were ready for signature (no tax due) by Larry Velte, however the audit still had some minor clarifications that needed to be addressed.  Bernie Shinal and Armand Fournier would contact our management company, RCS, and Goldklang and Associates, the auditor, to get things finalized.


In discussing the status of the 2005-06 assessments, it was noted that we still have 19 members on the delinquent list, 17 of whom have received late notices.  Of the 19, eight still have liens from last year’s assessment.  (There are still nine liens in force, one to be released shortly.) 


A motion was made by Armand Fournier, and seconded by Tom Coldwell, to call eight of the members who paid last year, but have not yet paid this year, as a courtesy in an effort to forestall additional late notices.  Board members felt that their delinquency might be an oversight on the members’ part, since they did pay last year.  Motion passed five to two (Fredericks and Velte opposing).  (It was agreed to delay the phone calls until a legal opinion was obtained as to the fairness of calling these eight and not the others.  Such an opinion has been subsequently obtained and the legal opinion is that as long as it is not harassment, there should be no problem making these courtesy calls).


Fred Fredericks noted that he had attended a meeting of the Kings West Swim Club on Jan. 10, but the meeting was poorly attended and little was accomplished.  Several options were discussed and he reiterated that the KPWCA has no interest in buying the pool.  A general membership meeting is scheduled for Jan. 24 in the Robinson Gold cafeteria.  Fred recommended that the pool committee be prepared to present several possible scenarios to their members, so everyone has a good grasp of the possibilities and limitations they face.


The noise complaint about excessive basketball playing on Wavell Road, which is not within the confines of the Community Association, was discussed, with no further action warranted.


The board discussed the need to look at re-bidding the management service contract currently in effect.  After two years with RCS, we have a better idea of the kinds of services we need, and should, in the interest of the membership see what other companies have to offer.  The board is not completely satisfied with RCS’s service and some of its lapses are causing concern.  Armand Fournier will put together a request for bid, the board will review and it should go out for bid in March.


In preparation for the 2006 annual Meeting, May 24, 2006, at Robinson Secondary School, a small article has been prepared for the February Herald, and the nominating committee continues to speak with members about running for the board.  It was noted that we will need a membership database by mid-March to begin organizing for the general membership meeting and elections.


The meeting was concluded at 9:04 p.m.  Motion to adjourn by Tom Coldwell, seconded by Fred Fredericks.