Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting—September 7, 2005

President Larry Velte called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.; a quorum was present; Tom Coldwell was absent.

Following a reading of the August 3, 2005, minutes, Armand Fournier moved to accept them, Fred Fredericks seconded; the minutes were accepted.

A discussion of the 2005-2006 assessment payment rate followed, based on a status report by RCS Management. The board considered a draft "reminder" letter to those who were late, but decided it may need more work, and wanted to compare it to the letter sent last year. Larry Velte will edit and submit electronically to the board for approval.

It was noted that none of the members who have incurred liens because of non-payment of last year’s dues has paid the 2005-06.

Larry Velte reported that Sharon Bulova’s office received the board’s letter regarding past due tax payments to Fairfax County dating from 1984 and 1985. Her office indicated that she would work the issue and get back to us. There was an indication that we would get some limited relief, but not a full cancellation of the debt.

Goldklang and Associates have signed a contract with KPWCA to prepare our taxes for this year and conduct an audit. Both are being prepared.

Swim Club on Tapestry—no response to our overture about meeting with their board, the Civic Association and the adjacent townhouse boards. It was noted that the swim club board has not met since our last correspondence with them.

The annual reincorporation certificate and check was mailed to Richmond.

In organizing and keeping a filing system for KPWCA, it was agreed to keep the original ballots for reincorporation and the amendment to the maximum assessment structure, along with the associated background paperwork.

The board had received a member complaint about some common ground on Commonwealth, next to Robinson Secondary School. The complaint was about noxious weeds and trash. Bernie Shinal agreed to ask the Boy Scouts about picking this up as a project, to avoid having to pay a maintenance company.

Sharon Bulova was sponsoring a meeting Thursday, September 8, to discuss replacing the dam at Royal Lake. Apparently, a state inspection revealed that the dam needs repair. This will be the first of three meetings on this subject. Although not affecting KPWCA members directly, it is of concern to those of our members who live closest to the lake.

Communications from Members:

A motion was made by Armand Fournier, and seconded by Dina Gorrell, to amend the Reserve Study to allow for stone dust to be used instead of concrete. Motion passed.

The board agreed to begin funding the Reserve Study fund in the amount of $2000 for 2004. Joe Meyer made the motion, Armand Fournier seconded. Motion carried.


Fred Fredericks moved to adjourn, Armand Fournier seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.