Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, Kings Park West Community Association

Wednesday August 3, 2005, Robinson High School Recital Hall.

The meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with all board members present.

Reading of the July minutes was waived, having been approved by electronic vote earlier.

Members completed signing the revised by-laws that were passed during the general membership meeting in May. Those by-laws are posted on the KPWCA website.

President Larry Velte made a presentation to Mr. Dan Barney, former board member, for his service on the board, as well has his untiring efforts during the reinvigoration of the Kings Park West Community Association.

A discussion of the liens, having been filed, followed. Larry Velte reported that he filed 14 liens with the county on July 18. On July 19 the notification letters were mailed to the affected homeowners by registered mail/return receipt requested. Eight were delivered and signed for by the addressee (one of whom has since paid), 3 had notices left for pickup at the post office, and 3 were undeliverable.

A discussion followed about the property tax bill received from the county. The bill as of July 31 was for $2,661.14 (tax 999.69; penalty 99.99; interest 1561.46). The board was presented with 3 options to resolve the issue: don’t pay, and wait for the statute of limitations to run out on Dec 31 of this year; appeal the interest and penalties; ask Supervisor Bulova to intervene with the county on our behalf. The board agreed to a proposed letter developed by the President to be sent to Supervisor Bulova to see if she can help.

The treasurer contacted Goldklang, Cavanaugh and Associates, P.C., our auditor and tax advisor to discuss this year’s filings. They will send us a contract and will contact our management company to obtain the necessary papers.

Mr. Fred Fredericks reported on the activities of the neighborhood maintenance committee. They have been actively repairing the Tapestry stairs (fixing the rail, clearing weeds and brush) and will be moving on to remove the Allenby steps soon.

Vice President Tom Coldwell has submitted a short article to the Herald on the recent activities of the HOA.

It was decided that the Secretary should organize and maintain the official files of the organization. Several principal members of the board have materials dating back to the reorganizing effort, all of which need to be consolidated and maintained.

The board received several communications from members:

    1. Common area on Commonwealth where the spillway from Robinson HS is drained has a lot of trash that needs to be picked up.
    1. Partially finished remodeling project on Ashcroft Way—the county has been notified and is looking up the building permit. Will contact the board with the status.
    2. Parking on a pipestem—pipestem is private property, so pipestem owners can park there, even if it is right next to another homeowner’s property. Member was referred to the county for a complete explanation of pipestem rights and responsibilities.
    3. Dog in the front year—explanation of the covenants will be given to the owner, with request to move the dog pen to the back yard.
    4. Mulch pile at Commonwealth and Roberts. Difficult to tell if on county property or homeowners property. Actually a tree stump that has been ground up, but not picked up. Realtor has asked owner (out of state) and former tenant, but both have declined responsibility for having the stump ground. Next effort is to ask the county.

The board was notified by Larry Velte that Northern Virginia Tree Experts had removed two trees from the common area that had fallen between two residents’ houses ($1400) and will also remove a dead tree from a common area near a pipestem lot on Collingham soon ($200). The board had previously agreed to this expense through electronic notification. The secretary received a copy of the tree service’s liability insurance papers.

Treasurer Bernie Shinal agreed to ask RCS Management if they had a copy of a previously prepared "Welcome to the Neighborhood" letter that could be sent to those who recently purchased homes, but were not given a resale package from the seller, as required by law. This letter would notify them of the existence of the HOA and their automatic membership in it.

Fred Fredericks reported that the Kings West Swim Club (on Tapestry) requested a meeting with our organization regarding the possible purchase of their pool and property. The board agreed to an information meeting, along with the Civic Association and the non-KPW townhouses’ HOA on Tapestry. The board has no desire to purchase the pool facilities, but is willing to offer advice or options, based on the Pool Committee’s report. The meeting will be set at a future date following the pool committee’s meeting with their attorney as to their options.

The meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m. Fred Fredericks moved, Armand Fournier seconded.