May 24, 2005


Board Members Attending: Larry Velte, Tom Coldwell, Bernie Shinal, Armand Fournier, Joe Meyer, and Fred Fredericks; absent Dan Barney.

The Kings Park West Community Association held its annual meeting on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. at Robinson High School.

A quorum was present and Larry Velte called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


One hundred thirty-six members were present in person, or by proxy, constituting 23% of the membership. Ten percent (10%) of the membership is required under the By-Laws for a quorum.

The PowerPoint presentation used at the annual meeting will be posted on the KPWCA website for a limited time.

Larry Velte gave introductory remarks, including a review of the Board’s accomplishments for the past year. Items discussed included reorganization, incorporation, purchase of insurance, hiring of a management company, Civic Association agreements, common land maintenance, reserve study, and development of a website.

The main item of business was the election of two Members to the Board of Directors. Dan Barney and Fred Fredericks’ (John Ostrom’s replacement) terms of office ended on May 31, 2005. Tom Coldwell, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, presented the names of Fred Fredericks and Dan Barney for the vote. A Member nominated Dina Gorrell from the floor. Members voted by secret ballot, and Fred Fredericks and Dina Gorrell were elected to the Board of Directors. Their term of service is for three years. Fred Fredericks received 120 votes, Dina Gorrell 109 and Dan Barney 11 votes.

Larry Velte presented the proposed annual audit By-Law revision. A motion was made and seconded to vote to revise the By-Laws to allow an annual review in lieu of an annual audit, with an audit every fourth year. Members voted unanimously to adopt the By-Law revision.

Bernie Shinal discussed the financial status of the Association, including a review of the past year’s expenses, revenues, and forecasted costs for the remainder of the fiscal year. It was noted that only 3% of Members failed to pay their Association fee, which was much less than the 20% anticipated for the first year. The floor was opened for discussion. Thereafter, Bernie Shinal presented the proposed budget for fiscal year 2006, which was previously mailed to Members. The proposed budget included the funding of a reserve account (explained below) as well as costs for emergency maintenance. The budget proposed an annual assessment of $50 per household, unchanged from the previous year’s assessment. Members did not vote on the proposed budget, and it will be presented, discussed and voted on by the Board at the June 2005 Board meeting.

Armand Fournier presented the 2005 Reserve Study. As required by Virginia Statute, the Association must set aside funds to maintain, repair and replace capital assets, such as sidewalks, so the 2006 proposed budget sets aside $2,100 in a reserve account for this long-term maintenance. The reserve study will be updated and posted on the website annually.

Fred Fredericks addressed the Members about their interest in forming a maintenance committee - a group of volunteers to assist in routine maintenance to help defray some of the costs paid to outside contractors. Several individuals volunteered for the committee and committee contact information will be posted on the website.

Several Members raised issues from the floor, including replacement of the KPW sign at Tapestry Dr and Braddock Rd., the time required to post Board Meeting Minutes on the website, and the need to ensure that assessments are dedicated to funding core requirements. The Board took all issues for discussion at future Board meetings.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting, with the meeting adjourning at 9:05 p.m.

The next monthly Board meeting will be June 1, 2005 at 7:30 p.m. at Robinson High School Gold Cafeteria or Recital Hall.


Armand Fournier