Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2014


In attendance: Larry Velte, Mark Heppner, Maureen Pettis, Linda Fournier, Suzanne Cerney, Jill Mueller, and Jim Bovino.


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m.


Approval of May Meeting Minutes: Motion made for the May minutes to be reviewed at a later date.† Approved 6-0.


Treasurerís Report: The board was informed that the current CAB operating account balance as of May 31, 2014 is $15,061.87; the accounts receivable balance is $1,069.32; there are two general fund CDís in the amount of $5,312.37 each; and the reserve study CD is $15,513.02 bringing the assets grand total to: $42,268.95.††


Old Business:


KPW Civic Association will honor their agreement with KPW Community Association and will pay for the JL Tree invoice to trim the holly bushes as the entrance on Sideburn.††


Lien final notices were mailed on June 10 to eighteen homeowners still owing dues from the last fiscal year (2014).† Two homes have new owners; the old owners did not pay the assessment.† Mark motioned for the assessment for those two homes be waived; the new owners will be billed in this new fiscal year (2015).† Jill seconded.† Motion approved 6-0.


Linda will write and mail encroachment letters to homeowners who have encroached on common land.


New Business:


KPWCA board elected the following officers for the next year: President, Larry Velte; Vice-President, Mark Heppner; Treasurer, Maureen Pettis; Secretary, Linda Fournier; at-large, Suzanne Cerney, Jill Mueller, and Jim Bovino.†


Outgoing KPWCA President, Joe Meyer, resigning effective July 1st.† Jim Bovino was appointed by the Board to serve the remaining year of Joe's term.


Larry received a late mailed proxy that also included a $40 assessment check.† Maureen will give the check to Crystal to deposit into the CAB operating account.


Larry motioned to adopt budget presented to HOA at Annual meeting.† Maureen seconded.† Motion approved 6-0.


Complaint received from HOA member about property at Ridge Court.† Property has overgrown grass, debris and tree branches in yard; electrical wiring of four satellite dishes appears to be in violation of county code.


Hearing no new business Suzanne motioned to adjourn; Jill seconded. Concluded at 8:12p.m.